Cheap Source of Protein – Chicken Gizzards

Chicken gizzards may be one of those things that not everyone thinks of other than pulling them out of the chicken carcass before cooking something. If you enjoy them though, take a look at these nutrient breakdowns.

  • Calories for 1 full pound – 426
  • Protein for a full pound – 80g
  • Carbs for a full pound – 0g
  • Total Fat for a full pound – 9.5g

That is pretty awesome for such a cheap food. A package of gizzards usually goes for around 1.50 here, and I have seen them even cheaper at some Hispanic and Asian stores in my area. At 1.50 a lb it drops the price per gram of protein down to .018. You really can’t beat that!

Although most people fry these. I have found a much healthier way. I like to boil my chicken gizzards for about 30 minutes to make it tender. I then put a little olive oil in a skillet with some well diced garlic and some sriracha (or other hot sauce to your liking), and let it pan fry for a few minutes longer. Delicious!

Some people are put off by the chewy texture of these pieces of meat. You can take the time to remove as much silver skin as possible before you cook it, and that helps quite a bit.

If you aren’t so adventurous, it may be a better idea to stick with boneless-skinless chicken breasts and thighs, lol.

Once again, thanks for continuing support of the protein diet plan, and I hope that all of you guys reach all of your fitness goals this coming year!