Cottage Cheese For Protein Diets

Love it, or hate it, cottage cheese is one of those items that people get truly passionate about.

I know some people have problems just loading their diets up with meat day in and day out. It is very important to switch things up once in a while. I love having a couple of servings of cottage cheese during a few days of the week.

Cottage cheese can be had as a dessert, or it can be used as a savory meal.

For desert, some of my favorite ways to eat it is with a bit of fruit. Fresh is better, but in a pinch throwing in half a can of cling peaches work really well. The sweet plays itself really well the cottage cheese’s mild flavor profile. Another cool way to have it sweet is to use some chocolate pudding mix, and blend it together with your cottage cheese. Set it in the fridge to set, and it is absolutely delicious. A true gem in the high protein diet plan fans arsenal!

For savory, I like to eat my cottage cheese with some spicy salsa. Put it in the plate next to the cottage cheese and eat a bit of each. Do NOT mix it together. It is okay if you do flavorwise, but it truly looks horrible. I did it once and never again, lol.

Here is one that I have never seen floating around the net. I like to have a scoop on my plate next to my scrambled eggs. Add a bit of salt to each (unless you are watching your sodium intake) and it is delicious. Hot eggs, cold cottage cheese, pure heaven.

Always make sure you switch things up so that your high protein diet plan NEVER gets boring! Keep on working out guys, until next time!