Protein Needs For Muscle Gain

The protein diet plan website is, of course, all about getting in tons of protein. Well, sometimes we focus our needs on the average dieter that is looking to lose weight. Protein needs increase even more when trying to increase muscle mass.

At minimum I would recommend one gram of protein per lb of weight per day. 1.5g per lb is even better. Try taking in between 30 and 40 grams per meal and spread these meals out between 5 to 6 different meals a day.

Although I usually like to recommend getting all of your protein from whole food sources, when getting in this high amount of protein it can often be difficult to stomach it all. When you are looking to hit your protein needs for muscle gain then you can add in some high quality protein shakes.

I suggest three of them per day. One before you workout which should contain around twenty to thirty grams of protein. When is best at this time since it is a super fast digesting protein powder. Post workout it’s a good idea to try to get in forty grams of protein. Some recent studies show that some casein at this time can be a good idea. I like to take in twenty grams of whey and twenty grams of casein at this time. You can also pick up milk protein isolate which contains eighty percent casein and twenty percent whey if you want to keep things easy. An alternative is a multi whey blend like syntha-6 or similar powders. It can help you keep things easy.

No matter what you do when on a protein diet plan consistency is the key to fat loss or muscle gain. Make sure you try to hit up the gym every day that you have it scheduled. Quit making excuses and get it done. If getting an amazing body was easy then everyone would have one. Be exceptional!