Hamburger Meat While on a Diet

People have long had an aversion to ground beef while they are dieting. Well, I’m going to tell you that you are fine to eat it. It is especially important if you are on a weight lifting program. I’ve been reading in quite a few weight lifting magazines how a bit of red meat can help keep your testosterone levels elevated.

Ground beef doesn’t only have to be used in meatloaf’s or hamburgers, it can also be used to make a number of dishes.

If I am in a hurry, I will throw a package of hamburger meat into the frying pan with a half a cup of salsa and a spoonful of cumin and chili powder, and just keep cooking it until it is finished. I usually purchase the 8-9% fat level beef so that I don’t even have to worry about straining it. Costco sells 5 pack chubs for around 16 bucks. A great deal, and very convenient.

I use this meat for tacos, or even just to eat straight out of the bowl with a bit of shredded lettuce and cheese. Delicious.

Unless your doctor has forbade you from eating red meat, in which I have to say that you should follow their advice, then go out there and get some red meat on your plate!

If you have the cash make sure that you choose to get grass fed beef. This type of beef has a higher level of CLA in it, and CLA has been shown to help keep a persons weight under control when used in a healthy protein diet plan.

Thanks for stopping by the protein diet plan blog! Get your fit on!